Here are some of our recent events:

Tuesday November 1st 2022 at the Chapel Allerton Methodist Church, Town Street, LS7 4NB (entrance is opposite the Methodist Centre) @7.30pm: Professor David Glew, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Sustainabilility Institute – ‘How can retrofit help with the current energy crisis and reaching net zero?   housing’ 

Click here to download a copy of a of David's presentation slides


Retrofitting our homes has never been more important than it is today in the back drop of the Ukraine war and the fuel bill crisis, with 5 million homes at risk of fuel poverty, and the desire to achieve climate change and net zero targets. Professor Glew, will provide an overview of how our homes hold a unique place in the solutions to many of the problems societies are currently facing He will discuss how we are retrofitting our homes in the UK, and what impact this is having nationally and for individual householders. He will discuss his research into the benefits and risks associated with retrofitting homes, specifically looking at what is happening in Leeds and West Yorkshire, and how recent global events have fundamentally changed the economics of making our homes more energy efficient. He will also discuss some of the LSI’s related research projects, which look into how to standardise the way we measure the benefits of retrofitting on a neighbourhood scale, as well as looking into householder views around switching to low carbon heating in the form of hydrogen and heat pumps.





















Professor Glew is Head of Energy Efficiency and Policy at the Leeds Sustainability Institute. He manages large interdisciplinary retrofit evaluation projects for the LSI, including undertaking Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) field tests, evaluation in use monitoring of energy and indoor air quality including smart meter data, as well as investigate the potential for behaviour change methods to improve occupant comfort and reduce instances of damp, and performing hygrothermal and energy modelling of buildings. David is an established expert in retrofit evaluation, he was seconded into Government (BEIS) and is still often called upon for guidance on issues facing domestic energy efficiency policy and research, he is also a regular contributor to national and local TV and Radio and has appeared on podcasts on domestic energy efficiency and retrofit related issues.

His major research projects have included; the Leeds Core Cities Green Deal investigations into retrofit performance; an investigation in to risks and benefits on thin internal wall insulation (TIWI) ; and one of the UK’s largest single retrofit research project undertaken

Tuesday 4th October 2022 at the Chapel Allerton Methodist Church, Town Street, LS7 4NB (entrance is opposite the Methodist Centre) @7.30pm: Roger Hawkin - ‘The Future Design of UK Housing'.

Click here to download a copy of a of Roger's presentation slides


This talk will focus and describe the shocking scale of our current housing crisis. It will start with a brief overview of housing policy since 1919 and how policies, particularly in the last 50 years, have led to our current predicament. The talk will conclude by outlining a number of creative ideas on the future of housing design that could provide the decent and affordable housing that the UK so badly needs. 




Having moved from South Wales in 1967, Roger qualified as a Town and Country Planner in 1973 and was a Senior Planner in Leeds City Council. Roger became Assistant Director of Housing (Development) and played a critical role in Leeds’ Housing capital programme which included building 2000 houses, modernising 1400 LA houses and demolishing 2000 unfit properties every year. His division gave him a senior role working on the repair of Leeds’ 100,000 dwellings with a budget > £60M in today’s prices. Roger had a long and varied career, including spells as Hull’s Director of Housing & Environmental Health and in the voluntary sector, when he returned to Leeds to work at St Anne’s Shelter & Housing Action where he spent seven years developing new Hostels and Homes while learning about ‘life at the bottom’. Roger spent three years as a part-time student at Sheffield Business School, completing an MBA, and joined the Business School as a Senior Lecturer in Strategy where he spent 11 happy years until retirement in 2001.