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Forthcoming Events in our 2022-23 Programme

Tuesday June 6th ‘Defending the right to seek asylum in the UK’. A talk by Mary Brandon, Campaigns Manager for Yorkshire and Humberside Asylum Matters.

Join us for a talk to discuss the current situation for people seeking sanctuary in the UK, tracing the history of asylum in the UK and examining the impacts of the Government's host of new "anti-refugee laws", including the proposed Illegal Migration Bill currently making its way through Parliament. We will also look at how communities across the UK are fighting back against these laws to defend the right to seek safety, and the right to offer it, both in the UK and internationally. 


About Mary

Mary Brandon joined Asylum Matters as Campaigns Manager for Yorkshire & Humberside in June 2018. With Asylum Matters, she has co-led the Lift the Ban campaign for the right to work, as well as being part of many other campaigns for asylum rights and protections. Before Asylum Matters, she worked as an Adviser & ESOL tutor at RETAS Leeds and also in mental health. She has been involved in her local City of Sanctuary group since 2015. In her spare time Mary is a proud trustee for Mafwa, a community theatre company based in Leeds.

Tuesday July 4th 'Talks by Café members'.

We would like to offer some of you a chance to make a mini presentation on a topic related to a socio-economic, environmental or social justice issue in our last meeting of this season, July 4th.

What to Do

Send us a brief synopsis of your topic which could be based on a book, article or film which has influenced you. You will only have 15 minutes for the presentation followed by 15 minutes for audience questions/ discussions.( We will be strict on timing in order to allow for 3 speakers and a break !).  

Some tips

  • Avoid choosing too broad a topic. Keep it fairly narrow and focused.   

  • If using power point, 5-6 slides maximum and not too much text per slide. Minimum 24 – 28 font size.

  • Go straight for the key points and avoid giving an overview or too much background at the beginning. Otherwise, you may not get to your key points in the time. More can emerge via questions.


Please submit your proposals by 19th June to 

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Jaynee, Malcom, Harvey and Priscilla

(Members of Café Economique Organizing Committee )

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